April 27, 2012

at the drive in.

the tribeca film festival is going on now, and i love how the city buzzes with movie premieres, celebs, fashion, and events. there's always something fun to do! last weekend in battery park, the festival was hosting a family fun night of scavenger hunts, chipmunk sitings, and a drive-in movie—the goonies! i hadn't seen that movie in years, and i was laughing through the entire thing. todd kept turning to me thinking i was reading something funny on my phone, but oh no, i was just laughing at all the dumb things chunk and data said. i'm such a nerd. 

if you're in the city and want to participate in the fun events check out this site for dates & activities!

on me: blouse: the loft, sweater: j.crew, pants: joe fresh

1 comment:

  1. Reading this makes me miss NYC!! I loved going to the Tribeca Film Festival. Sad. You look adorable and all the pictures of Harper kill me! Keep them coming.

    ps. I love love your outfit! Awesome color.


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