April 17, 2012


the other evening, we met up with the egan's for an amazing bbq cookout in their building. i feel like spring is only official once the scent of grilled burgers fills the air {and grilled pineapple. because you know that is a must!} the egan's have the most amazing building that is only 900 floors tall and contains any amenity you could ever dream of—ping pong & pool tables? of course. a lap pool? goes without saying. theatre room? absolutely. not one but TWO golf simulators? you betcha'. see... i told you. everything!

we love having the egan's so close to us, and we love that they live in the best building around town! these cookouts are going to have to be a weekly occurrence!

  i pretty much died over this outfit of harper's. she's such a baller.
especially with that binky in her mouth, she looks extra intimidating.


  1. Okay now I want to move into the Egans building! Holy cow!

  2. Ha- Its only cool because WE live there Cas- Come on... But seriously- cookouts can happen as often as you will bring the doritos and pineapple- :)

  3. Note: Harper must also look like a mob baby when she crosses Fulton Street to come see us.


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