May 16, 2012


okay, have you ever seen pet chickens as adorable as these?
or maybe it's more appropriate to ask, have you ever seen pet chickens...period?

in utah, you don't have dogs or cats, you have chickens.
and ya know what? i think they're on to something—they don't need to be walked or potty trained, 
and apparently you can love them just as much as man's best friend


every morning, my adorable niece would go out to the chicken coop,
scoop up one of her three chickens named sugar, 
and tote it around the yard in the crook of her arm the rest of the morning.


  1. oh my gosh I love it! Her big eyes and those shoes. She is going to be the best cousin to Harper!

  2. oh so cute and perfect! I want a chicken coop! hmmm...where to put it?

  3. Ok-are those fluffly footed chickens?! (probably not the technical term) I've been obsessed with those fluffy footed chickens ever since I saw them at Thanksgiving Point. One day I will have a pet chicken:)

  4. Great pics Casey! I have the cutest, sweetest and grand-est kids!


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