June 13, 2012


blouse: asos. jeans: joe fresh. shoes: cole haan. watch: michael kors. jewelry: jewel mint, yours truly, j. crew. belt: target

even if you don't have an "eye for fashion", you know that colored denim is all the rage this season.
it's hot, and it's everywhere!

since I'm working off my stubborn baby weight, i didn't want to invest a lot of money into this trend,
but i still wanted to embrace it.

insert >>joe fresh<<

i picked up these beauties for only $19. you heard it, 19 bucks!
once i lose my baby weight {hopefully sooner than later},
i can toss these jeans without thinking twice.


  1. Where's the baby weight?!? You look great.

  2. Why can't we purchase these things online??? Darling!

  3. you look great!! you are one hot mama! and baby weight???? i hope you don't lose much more because you look great!!


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