June 25, 2012

first beach day.

when it was a bajillion degrees out last week, i took harper to the beach for her first time. going to the beach with an infant is, well, not like going to the beach without an infant. it was a constant struggle keeping her on the towel and out of the sand {note to self: bring a bigger towel}, keeping her face out of the sun {note to self: buy a bigger hat}, and relaxing {note to self: that will just never happen}. okay, enough with the complaining because really, it was an awesome day. it's so fun watching how intrigued harper is with new surroundings—she couldn't take her eyes off the water and waves. it was like one, big, cold bathtub to her. i love my little girl, and todd loves how she's getting acquainted with all things aqua at an early age.

1 comment:

  1. You two are so adorable together. She looks precious in her little swimsuit!!


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