July 31, 2012

benefit: a make-up obsession.

do you hate make up as much as i do? i've tried every pinterest smoky-eye how-to out there, and without fail, i look like i got punched in the eyes. if i go to a counter to get help from the "pros", i turn into your neighborhood drag queen {wait. you're telling me you don't live next to a drag-queen cabaret?}

regardless, it's bad. 

BUT... i recently discovered my miracle make-up. a true miracle, i tell ya! benefit. i've always loved their cheek stain, benetint, but i never knew they had a full make-up line until i walked into bloomingdales one day and got suckered in. i had zero intention of buying anything until the sales associate started dropping words like "airbrush" & "glow". by golly, you'd be a fool not to fall for those words too. once i saw how amazing one product worked i dared them to try another product and another product and another product!! before i knew it, i had a bagful of primers and makeup and a face that glowed—sans the yellow streaks or awful barbie-pink lips.

i feel like it is my duty as a woman to share this amazing discovery, so here is a list of the products i got and am obsessed with. you are welcome. 

has anyone been holding out on me and also used this brand? do you have any other products {benefit or not} that you can't live without?
{1} the POREfessional pore minimizer and primer {2} that gal brightening face primer {3} instant brow pencil 
{4} high brow lifting pencil {5} posie tint cheek stain {6} high beam highlighter

**i did not get paid to write this post. i am just excited and utterly obsessed!**


  1. i don't know how these ladies at the make up counters do that, but somehow they always make me want to buy kind of everything. guess they are doing their job well. =)

    i got to say i really like benefit products too. their "bad gal lash" mascara is really good. i hear that the "they're real" mascara is even better but haven't tried it yet.

    i can't live without mascara. it makes such a difference as my lashes are naturally kind of a dark blond shade. my favorite mascara is a drugstore one - maxfactor false lash effect (in the US: cover girl lash blast but it's not available here in Germany)

  2. Casey, I am obsessed with their eyebright! Love benefit:)

  3. I LOVE their Dandelion- contour/brightening powder for pale gals that look horrible when they use bronzer. It makes you look like a frickin' Cherub :)


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