July 2, 2012

i'm 25, y'all!

last week i turned 25. 
that's right folks, a quarter of a century. 
and i. feel. OLD!

my dear friends organized the greatest rooftop party to lessen the blow,
complete with bbq & a triple chocolate cake.
{they sure know what hits the spot!}

so happy to have y'all in my life.


  1. Happy happy birthday! Looks like such a fun party. And that CAKE! If that didn't make turning 25 totally worth it, I don't know what could. :)

  2. happy belated birthday, Casey.
    sure looks like a fun party. bbq and chocolate cake is the best.

  3. okay now I really wish I could have made it! That cake looks amazing! You will have to tell me where it's from. Happy bday! You make 25 look real good! xx


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