July 18, 2012


at five months old {did i really say five months!?}, this girl has quite the personality. she's a real ham and knows how to work her audience. she has mastered the art of rolling. not super gracefully, but she's rolling nonetheless. and ev-ery-where! if i think i have to watch her now, what the heck am i going to do when she's crawling? or darest i say walking? i'm quickly learning that i have many non-child proof objects in my house, not to mention my slab-of-concrete coffee table with edges like you've never seen before. anybody know of any cute furniture bumpers? yeah, didn't think so...

her newest trick is the "grab & insert {here}" trick. what is she inserting? what isn't she inserting. toys, bottles, hair, necklaces, feet! as you may notice in the above photo, her current fetish is with ties. and ties of all shapes, colors, and patterns. she's not picky. 

while many people adore harper's hair, as do i, what they do not know is that it is a living & breathing animal. just as harper has a mind of her own, so does her hair. it is currently trying to fight it's beast-of-a callac but is losing oh so dearly. this then results in a voluminous comb over 3 inches high. i wish i were exaggerating.

hubs and i love harper more than life. she is such an amazing little girl, and i wake up every morning {some earlier than others} excited to see what harper is going to do today! just tonight, todd and i woke her from her deep sleep just to cuddle one last time before bed. think what you may, but this girl is growing up FAST, and i want to savor every moment. 

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