August 15, 2012

down by the banks of the lakey lakey.

before the wedding festivities began, we got to spend the evening at the lake with friends. we were over an hour late because i can't seem to navigate the ever-changing dallas freeways, but we got there alive in one piece, and the night was heavenly! now, as my husband can attest to, i don't particularly love getting into the lake water {or any water for that matter}, but when it's warmer than my bath, it's very very doable. and seeing harper look like a little hot dog in her life vest, made it that much better. she caught her first cold on this trip, but getting in the water seemed to rejuvenate her spirits and bring back my little fishy. p.s. i can now see we all look naked in the above photo. we are not.

1 comment:

  1. looks like a fun day! I am with you on getting into water. My rule is if it's not warm and clear I don't get in! lol. you never know what's in there!


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