September 12, 2012

labor day in the hamptons.

over labor day, we drove out to the hamptons with the egans to squeeze in one last beach trip before autumn settles in. we stopped by the beach for the first half of the morning, spent lunch wandering the cute shops on main street, and then spent the second half swimming in the pool and playing tennis. note to self: rent a house in the hamptons.  scratch that. better note to self: continue friendships with those who have houses in the hamptons.

we love spending time with the egans, and i love seeing our two sweet girls play together. it makes me sick to think about leaving all of our friends in a couple weeks, but i know the friendships we have made will last a lifetime. i also know that emma perry and harper lu are destined to be college roommates. i do not claim harper will be the cleanest roommate, as she has proven over the last few weeks, but at least she'll be a fun one!

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  1. H my goodness. These pictures are all so amazing. Great work!


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