September 26, 2012

oh hello, wednesday.

when they say a photo says a thousand words, harper speaks for us all right here.

we've spent the last few weeks running around like crazies throughout the city trying to get everything ready for the big move in just 10 days—getting passports, being fingerprinted, and slowly starting to purge room by room. {i'm finally getting real crazy and selling clothes and shoes on ebay. check out my goods. and more are being uploaded by the hour.} that said, i still feel like i have an entire list of untouched items i need to cover off.

since fall is a very busy time for my business, i'm also trying to squeeze in as many clients as possible. these are people i've worked with for years, and it's sad to say goodbye. not to mention, saying goodbye to my partner. but that's a whole other post in and of itself.

within the last 24 hours, my whole family has decided to fly to new york friday for one last shabang. some may call me crazy for letting everyone stay at our house 4 days before we move, but i much prefer to call it love and... a party! heaven knows i'm always up for a good party.

after all of this rambling, i just wanted to say i'm tired. but we are alive and happy. we know the lord watches over us and sets things in our path for growth and learning and enjoyment. and to be honest, we could not be more thrilled for what lies ahead.


  1. Stop this now! I'm still in MAJOR denial. Love you!

  2. well said! I love you and so happy for your next chapter.


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