October 8, 2012

our first day in london town.

yesterday morning we arrived in London safety, soundly, and not too jet lagged. being harper's first trans-continental flight, she made me one proud mama. although she was awake for the first couple hours, the stewardesses happily took her off our hands and played with her in the back. for the last 4 hours, she slept soundly in her own reclined seat next to her pops. 

we landed in the early morning and took a cab straight into the city. i don't know if it's been the abundance of british movies i've watched lately, but i was expecting a winding road that passed by beautiful castles and green pastures. instead those castles were replaced with factories and green pastures filled with brown weeds. curse you pride and prejudice! that said, as we drove further into the city, i couldn't believe at how quaint and CLEAN everything was. wait a minute, london doesn't throw all of their trash on the sidewalks too? score!

we checked into our hotel, dropped off our bags, and found the nearest restaurant to grab some breakfast—sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, and toast to be exact. not my typical choice for breakfast but definitely one that can be acquired. :)

we spent the rest of the day wandering in and out of cobble-stoned streets—each being more magnificent and beautiful than the last. we quickly made our way into the nearest park entrance along kensington gardens and found the most beautiful set of fountains at the italian gardens. a couple years back, tiffany & co. restored all of ornamental fountains and statues back to their original state. they're beautiful. 

we've had a lovely first 2 days, and i'm a bit more at ease about our adventures ahead of us. we're going out with a broker tomorrow and tuesday to find a flat. once that is settled, i will finally be able to relax. you can't even imagine the stress of finding the perfect flat i have put on myself, my husband, and the poor broker that was placed with me and my erratic behavior! wish us luck!



  1. Amazing 2 days! What a dream!

  2. Sister!! Looks so lovely there. Happy y'all are getting the hang of things so easily. Love you

  3. Todd's hair looks great! I wasn't sure if that was too weird to post ;)

  4. Awesome, awesome. Keep the posts coming! Good luck on the search for a flat. (I just love that it's called a flat! How cute! Haha.) This is so fun.

  5. Lucky you that London welcomed you with blue skies! Sure miss ya!

  6. Blue skies and such interesting clouds. Good luck!

  7. I'm so excited for you guys! I've never been to London, so I'm excited to see the sights via your pictures. Good luck with the next few weeks!!


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