October 30, 2012

portobello market.

to add to our touristy adventures, we enjoyed a nice stroll through portobello market on saturday. it was a bit misty, but something i need to accept as the new norm. oye! the market is situated on portobello road, and the street is lined with every type of vendor you could imagine—fruits & vegies, antiques, british memorabilia, pastries, and all sorts of ethnic foods. ghanaian food, anyone? it was amazing! poor harper has been pretty sick so she was a bit of a gimp but with a fresh loaf of bread in her hand, she hung in there. what a champ.


  1. I gained 3 lbs just looking at these photos. Yum!

  2. omg, these pastries look amazing. i want one right now. and the paella too. it's one of my favorite dishes.
    guess i need to add portobello market to my "places to go to next time i am in london"-list. =)

    hope little harper is feeling better.


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