October 16, 2012

tourist alert! buckingham & big ben.

on saturday, we walked until our feet were sore. 
we explored around the palace {i mean, how cool is it to say the palace?!}
st. james's park, big ben, westminster abbey, trafalgar square, 
and all the sites in between. 

we are total tourists, and it's awesome! 


  1. now you make me want to go to london again asap. ha ha.

    sounds and looks like a wonderful saturday.

  2. I love this! Embrace your touristy selves! :) Harps looks like she's liking London.

  3. Looks like you guys are having so much fun! All these photos are making me miss that beautiful city! xo

  4. What a fun way to start your life in a new place---as tourists! It will probably feel like a vacation for a few months---so cool! It looks like you guys are loving it so far. London seems like a magical place :)


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