November 5, 2012

a place to call home.

we are finally in our home and couldn't be happier! our furniture hasn't yet arrived, we're sleeping on the floor, and have no internet, but just knowing that we're in our own home, safe and sound, has really lifted our spirits. harper's sleep schedule--or lack thereof--has also made some major improvements since she's been back in her crib and in her own room. that's right y'all...OWN room.  i never thought i'd see this day come!! {non-city folks, you wouldn't understand} :)


  1. Oh she is so cute!!! So glad you guys are getting settled in. :)

    xo Ashley

  2. so happy you guys are in your home! and congrats on harper getting her own room that is so exciting!! hope you are loving London :)

  3. So amazing she has her own room! I can't wait to see your place! (Hopefully in person!!)

  4. I so know that feeling of being DONE with temp housing! Sage is still waiting for the day where she gets her own room, so I definitely understand what a big deal it is for Harper! Also, we are very slightly considering a job opportunity in London, so maybe our expat paths might cross!


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