December 24, 2012

christmas eve silence.

as the christmas festivities are about to pick up, i was able to snag some silent time right next to the fireplace—harps is sleeping soundly in her crib, christmas eve dinner is roasting away in the kitchen, and hubs is picking up a few last-minute dinner items. and at this time, i can't help but think how the dear lord has blessed our family over the year.

first and most importantly, we welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl into our family. harper has been a joy not only to our doting family but to every person she comes in contact with. just yesterday i told todd how she's going to grow up thinking people only wear smiles because that's all she ever encounters.

considering the common trials and tribulations that every family struggles with, both the mathenys and luceros are doing very well. todd and i are so thankful for both of our families and for the support and love they provide. we love you!

we have also been blessed with life-long friends through all walks of life. from our early childhood days, to our years in new york, and onto our budding friendships in london.

speaking of london—that's a move to write home about! if you were to ask me in january, or heck even august(!), if you thought we would be living abroad by years-end, i would have thought you were off your rocker! but we are here and loving every minute of it.

we are thankful for our health and strength and most importantly our happiness. 2012 has been very good to us and can only imagine what 2013 will offer!

merry christmas!

the mathenys

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  1. Great post Casey! You are missed in NYC, but I'm glad you are so happy in London! Merry Christmas!


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