January 10, 2013

day trip to toledo.

i'm finally nearing the end of our trip to spain. but for this post—toledo!

we took a day trip to toledo, which is a 45-minute bus ride south of madrid. since we wanted to maximize our time, we ended up going with a tour group, and i'm happy we did. although i could hardly understand a word our guide said {and yes, she was technically speaking english}, we were taken to some pretty great spots around the city. more specifically the cathedral that houses one of el greco's massive paintings. i'm so bummed that we couldn't take photos, but take my word for it, it was stunning!

the city is surrounded by a river on three sides, is lined by a large stone wall, and sits upon a massive hill. this means two things: 1) nobody could attack the place if they tried, and 2) it has the most spectacular views, which equals awesome photos!

a city known for its sword & knife manufacturing.
{more proof of point #1}

toledo, i will apologize on behalf of our tour group for congesting every street we walked in. sorry 'bout that.

h's long-lost twin from mexico. they got re-acquainted and were best buds in no time.

yes, harper is grabbing this sword. and no, it is not sharp. well, that sharp. :) 


  1. Toledo looks like a wonderful city. [adding it to my "to travel to"- list right now]

    And Harper is as cute as always. I love her coat.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. So jealous of your amazing adventures in Europe!

  3. Eeny- Yes, you must visit! It's only worth a day trip, but it was so beautiful. Are you planning on coming to London anytime soon?? It would be so fun to meet up!

    Lauren- Thank you! Europe has been good to us so far. It's so fun living here! :)

  4. You are having the best adventure living there. Gotta say I wish I had your guts! Such an amazing experience!


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