February 8, 2013

dear mr. giraffe.

dear mr. giraffe, 

i hope you're having fun on your trip. my mama says you left on vacation to explore london all by yourself. that sounds exciting and a little scary! you were always so brave though. since you didn't get to go to the science museum yesterday, you have to make that your first stop. you'll love the tree house!

oh mr. giraffe, i'm going to miss you. who's going to keep me warm when i sleep or snuggle up to me when i'm sad? mama gave me another pink giraffe to sleep with tonight, but it's just not the same without you. i miss biting your nose and sucking on your ears. you didn't mind though, right?

please send me a postcard of your adventures and know there's always a spot in my crib for you in case you decide to come home.

hugs and wet kisses,


  1. My eyes are getting teary.. this is so sad and cute at the same time. Please come back home Mr. Giraffe!

  2. aww, always sad to lose a cuddly friend. hopefully mr. giraffe will be tired of his adventures alone and will return with fun stories about his trip ;)


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