February 13, 2013

happy birthday harps!

today my sweet baby girl turned one!

as soon as she woke up {which was a whopping 8:30 am}, i sang her Happy Birthday as she drank her milk. we then filled her day with all of her favorite things. one thing being the ball pit at our creche—ok, in reality i went to the gym while she stayed in the baby care, but whatever...she loves it! and did i mention the ball pit!? we then played with some early-opened birthday gifts before she blessed with me with a 2.5 hour nap. {after all, i did bring this chick to life!} as soon as she woke up, we sang happy birthday again. all day i couldn't stop kissing and singing happy birthday to her. i wanted to let her know what a big day it is and how blessed we are to have her in our family. once papa got home from work, she opened her birthday gifts and took yet another bite or two of birthday cake. 

harper is such a joy in our lives. she is a curious and happy little girl. she loves snuggly with her mama, and gets giddy whenever skype rings on the computer. she is learning to share and will happily give you her toys or food. just today she learned to roar like a tiger, quack like a duck, and oohh & ahhh like a monkey. 

harper girl, we love you. happy birthday!


  1. happy birthday, harper.
    sounds like a wonderful birthday.

  2. so adorable :) it's been so much fun seeing her grow up and reading about all your adventures! (I swear we were just in 6th grade playing volleyball!) All the best to you!

    1. Thanks Maggie! I'm happy to hear you keep up with us. And thanks to Instagram, same goes for you! :)


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