February 25, 2013

next stop...ireland!

it was a fun, random weekend for us mathenys. and it goes a little something like this.

about a month ago we planned to go to scotland. then we were all like we don't like the cold, so why plan a whole weekend around it? trip postponed. then on thursday, todd mentioned he still had that friday off. that was news to me! i think he was looking forward to just relaxing all lazy at home, but that's what harper and i do every day, and our flat isn't big enough for the three of us. i quickly hopped online and started scheming where we would travel the next day. after an hour on british airways and a quick survey out to my instagram community, we settled on ireland. okay okay, so we were still going to be outside in the freezing cold, but we were all spontaneous and stuff. so cool, right? having a rigorous nap schedule, i've apparently been deprived of impulsive activities. 

at 7 am the next morning, we hopped on a flight to dublin and landed 50 minutes later. not too shabby. we spent the first day in the city centre where our hotel was. the second day, we rented a car and drove 45 minutes south to wicklow national park. this post is of the second day because it's true ireland. 

about 10 minutes into the drive, harper started to fuss and cry and whine {i could go on with more verbs}. i gave her some treats...didn't help. i gave her a binkie...she spit it out. i gave her her blankie... she threw it on the ground. as i was reaching back to repeat the offerings, i saw some spit up on her lips. oh hey harps, let me get that for you. as i went to wipe it away, it started. throw up. all over. nonstop. 

poor city girl was car sick! 

i should have known. i was a little dizzy myself! we quickly pulled over and started the cleanup. fortunately, i had been prompted to bring the whole bag of wipes with us. thank goodness! i had also been prompted to bring another change of clothes for harper. i ignored that prompting. parenting 101.

long story short, we todd cleaned up the carseat {sorry, enterprise!}, we stripped harper of her shirt and vest, and replaced it with my oversized zip-up jacket. she didn't look like an orphan child at all. the rest of the drive went much smoother, in all senses, and we finally arrived at wicklow. we hiked to a couple of lakes and to a beautiful monastic village. considering it's only february, everything was much greener than i had expected. it was all very beautiful. 

on the way home, we opted for the scenic drive. had we known it was also the bumpy, windy, narrow option, we might have rethought our decision, but luckily harper was wiped from the day's events and slept the whole way.


  1. I totally went there this summer! So pretty! And the cemetery was amazing right??

    1. Oh my goodness!! Yes, it was beautiful. Was it even more green in the summer!?

  2. I love your pictures of Harper! Could NOT be cuter (even if she did throw up soon after, poor thing). Seriously. Did you bring a tripod or find random ppl to take your family shots? That is the worst thing about traveling as a couple... Ireland is so pretty.

    1. Thanks Courtney! Getting family pictures is always a challenge but I've come to suck it up and ask someone. Half of our heads may be cut off, but it's better than nothing! :)

  3. I'm dying of Harper's cuteness with that hat/leggings/coat/boots ensemble. DYING. And I'm sorry you had to clean up barf. Not cool. But I'm glad you had a good time anyway. ;)


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