March 21, 2013

running around the national portrait gallery.

over the weekend, we found ourselves running through the national portrait gallery to kill some time. well technically, harper was running and we were chasing after her.

nonetheless, we ran by some pretty cool portraits. 

naturally, i had to get a snap next to my two princes. so many good memories of those guys when i was ten years old— secretly scheming of ways to become prince william's princess. who wants to fess up to doing the same thing? i had it all wrong though, harry is where it's at!

now, let's get controversial—the first official portrait of the duchess! any takers? i'm going to have to go with a strong dislike. the poor princess looks like she's in her early 50s. baggy eyes and saggy face. it's sad! that said, she'll make a beautiful 50-something... 


  1. I thought the same thing. They could have offered a little "air-brush" action in her favor.

  2. i hope she will looks like that when she will be in her early 50s ;)
    and i totally wanted to be prince william's princess too when i was little.


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