May 24, 2013

paris {day 1}.

paris was a dream. a dream complete with 6 girlfriends, amazing eats, and no baby!

every night at dinner we would share our highs and lows of the day. 
so in keeping with that theme, 
that's how i'll share my experience of paris with you!


high #1: first and foremost, reuniting with nats! 
it was so good to see this girl. 7 months is too long.

high #2: steak frites dinner at le relais de l'entrecote.
the thyme-based sauce is the highlight of this place, but the steak and fries aren't too shabby either. 
i was literally scraping my plate at the end of the meal.

high #3: our beautiful apartment in champs elysees
air bnb has done it again, folks. not only did it fit all 7 of us girls,
but it was centrally located, and for a great price i might add.


  1. so much fun!!

    ps did you know l'entrecote is in london and nyc as well? the nyc one doesn't compare but the london one is delish!! love it.

    1. yes!! and i am dying to take todd. thanks for reminding me!

  2. oh paris is so lovely.
    can't believe i have never been there.

    1. eeny, you must go! it's magical. i'm already planning another trip back with todd.


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