June 6, 2013

a bright day at the park.

it may be the first of june, but summer just decided to make its appearance here in london, and we are ecstatic. up until now, it has be fuh-reezing, and windy, and rainy. blah! everything you hear about london weather is true. so you better believe that on the first day of 65+ weather we were outside. it might have been nap time and still a tad windy, but it was warm and sunny{!!!}, and that's all that matters.

**our park happens to be on the direct line to the airport.**
every 2 minutes, a plane would pass, and we would stop everything to stare it down.


  1. park days are the best ever ;)
    we finally have some sun over here too. yeah!

    harper's outfit is so adorable. i am sure she was the most stylish toddler at the park if not in london.

    1. You're so kind. Thank you. And I'm happy you're enjoying good weather too! We stayed out tonight until 7:30 by accident because it was so warm and so light. Time just escapes us these days.

  2. Her ponytail is killing me! Seriously, so cute.


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