June 24, 2013

weddings + the y + tea parties.

once we arrived to utah it was more weddings and family! two things i love. my sister-in-law was the most gorgeous and happy bride. i mean, just look at her! and harper and her cousins made for adorable flower girls. harper was happy 99% of the time, but can we just note the photo below? one of these flower girls is not like the others. oh was a long day. love ya, girl.

 ***i'm pretty sure we spent every waking hour outside. there's nothing like picnicking under Y mountain***

***harps and her cousins getting into the cougar spirit***

***not many girls get to have tea parties with their great grandmas. this melts my heart***


  1. that last picture... oh, i am melting. too cute.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! Can you believe it? The last of the four.


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