July 6, 2013

a weekend in scotland.

last weekend we took a mini vacation to edinburgh. scotland has always been a magical place in my mind, so i was excited for this mini fantasy to come to life! although rain was in the forecast {as it is 99% of the time in the uk}, we were pleasantly surprised with decent weather...and no rain! 

on friday we started out the day with a proper scottish breakfast—in a pub. we then carried out explorations across the entire city. edinburgh isn't the flattest town around, and our calves got quite the exercise as we pushed harper up and down the streets, through the parks, and from old town to new town. my favorite site was calton hill. it's a short but steep walk to the top, but the breathtaking views of the city and castle are well worth it. 

saturday was spent roaming the castle and taking half of a walking tour around the city {harper wasn't feeling the second half...} on the tour, we were taken to the cemetery where j.k. rowling got a lot of inspiration and direct names for harry potter, names taken straight off tomb stones! {does tom morvolo riddle ring any bells?} i'm no harry potter fan {call me crazy}, but hubs was loving this. 

***at the tip top of calton hill***
***quite the adorable playground at the base of edinburgh castle***
***chasing harper was the the name of the game***


  1. Wow, it is so freaking gorgeous! I love all these pictures. Scotland is now on my must-visit list! And I am a huge HP fan so I would've eaten that up. :)

    1. Yes! It's just as magical as it looks. A definite must for your list. and you would LOVE the HP stuff. There's even more: the cafe she wrote her 1st book in, the school that Hogwarts was styled after, and more! :)

  2. I love Scotland. Incredible land.

  3. Scotland looks amazing. I need a HP tour. And Harper is just dreamy in these pictures.


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