July 15, 2013

our weekend in review.

london has been hit with quite the heatwave over the last week, so it was only appropriate that we spend the entire weekend outside splashing around in water! which harper wasn't opposed all!

we finally made our way over kensington memorial playground, and it would be an understatement to say that it's the coolest splash pad around. it feels like disneyland. and a free disneyland, at that. free!

 ***say hello to my 80's rock face. we got reacquainted over the night.***
***these two melt my heart. and for the record, let me say this is my bike. although todd and the wicker basket do make nice companions***


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks squid! It must be our glow of excitement for the warm weather! :)

  2. oh to be little again and play in the water all day. ;)

    1. It's the best! I love being a mom and splashing around with her.

  3. So, so cute. I'm glad you're having such a great summer! And excited you're visiting ny so soon!


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