September 10, 2013

bits & bobs.

i should be packing and cleaning and stressing for our flight to nyc today,
but i can't seem to pull myself away from the screen.

at least some good has come out of this, and i've found a few fun finds for you! 


boys meets girls. i need these puppies.

awkward situations we need rules for. bam!

with nyc on the brain i'm loving this and these.

keep your bikini bod through the fall.

the dos and dont's of fall 2013 fashion trends. 
{especially love 2 & 9}

pretty little hair piece.

the best teepees. i. need. more. space!

wish i had a flying nanny for our flight.

love this music video

haha, 10 situations only mormons understand.

{photo by julie shaner}


  1. I love when you do these posts!! More More MORE!

    1. Thanks, Ashley. I'll keep them coming!


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