September 13, 2013

our first day back in nyc.

our first day back was long and crazy and perfect! it was a beaming 93 degrees, but we didn't let stop our fun. we met up with a group of friends {and by group, i mean an army of mommies with strollers} and walked 2 by 2 across the brooklyn bridge. it was so funny seeing peoples' faces when they moved out of the way for one mom but quickly realized there were many more following.

once across, we did one of my favorite activities in the city—eat grimalidi's pizza at the park, followed by peach ice cream at brooklyn ice cream factory and a spin on the beautiful and historic jane's carousel. when we moved, all of the kids were babies, but now it's so fun seeing them run around and interact like friends. it was such a perfect day and a great welcome back into the city.


  1. All that on your first day? Take that jetlag.

    1. Jetlag stands no chance with us! Now ask me if Harper has taken a nap today.... :(


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