September 24, 2013

running around central park zoo.

last week, we explored a new part of central park...the zoo!! i cannot believe that i had never taken harper to the CP zoo before. i must have walked by there a million times but never noticed it. it's tucked away quietly under the shade of the trees and is so enjoyable to walk around. harper loved roaring at the red pandas and squealed when the penguins swam inches from her face {with a nice, thick sheet of glass between them, of course}. but even more than that she LOVED the petting zoo. this girl was fearless when it came to exposing her teeny little food-bearing fingers to the sheep and goats. 

***i love the sight of the zoo surrounded by high-rises. it's nestled so nicely inside central park, away from the city's commotion, that you forget where you are...until you look up.***

***these two melted my heart as they held hands all day. emma took the lead and harps happily followed. now why can't she follow her mama like that?***

 ***i mean seriously. this girl's bravery blows my mind. i was afraid she might come back without a finger a couple times, but she didn't even flinch***

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  1. Harper and her little friend holding hands is beyond cute! I love that age. You look gorgeous too. I love your hair!


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