September 7, 2013

sardinia, italy {part 1}.

hello hello! we just got back from our week in sardinia, and i'm missing it like CRAZY! typically, i'm ready to head back home after holiday, but this time the withdrawals are killing me {and that's not just my massive pile of laundry speaking...} our friends from nyc met us on the island, and we spent our days relaxing and swimming and stuffing ourselves with endless amounts of pizza, pasta and gelato. and if we're getting real specific, caramel and mint gelato. best combo ever. and can we just have a moment for this clear blue water you see? it didn't matter how far you swam out because you could still see the bottom of the ocean. and another important note, it was warm! much to my husband's dismay, i don't really do water. but when it's like this, you can count me in!

at night, after harps would go down, we would play card games {uno anyone!?} or head to the rooftop to watch the stars. i don't know the last time that i've seen a sky twinkle as brightly as the stars in italy. i'm so thankful for these travel opportunities we've had since moving to london. they're once in a lifetime, and they help to soften the blow of being so far from our family and friends. 

***ha. this little girl kills me! her stick. her bikini. that dorky hat. oh heavens, i love her!***

***harper floated around on this floatie for over 30 minutes, just chilling. can you blame her?***

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  1. Such a beautiful mama and daughter :) Loving the pictures.


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