October 10, 2013

a surprise trip to montauk.

with not much warning, i whisked todd away for a surprise 30th birthday weekend to montauk. my parents were in town and offered to watch harper, so i jumped at the opportunity. if you know my hubs, then you know that he doesn't want things for his birthday, he wants experiences. and since it was his dirty thirty, i was excited to step it up a notch. while on our trip, we tried our hand at deep sea fishing {my hand was a little better than his, but shhh don't remind him}, welcomed some needed beach time, and enjoyed delicious food {lobster rolls, filet mignon, warm baked oysters. all in a day's work :)}. and ALL without chasing harper around!

it was such a fun and romantic weekend! i love you, todd. all 30 years of you! it's exciting being married to an older man... and kind of hot. :)


  1. looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  2. We love Montauk! Looks like the perfect trip. HBD Todd.


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