October 14, 2013

the abc of it.

last week, todd's parents came to visit, and we enjoyed playing around the city with them. on one particular rainy afternoon we needed somewhere to duck inside, and the public library was conveniently around the corner. a few weeks ago, harper and i visited the abc of it exhibit inside the library, so we were eager to take his parents back!

each room features a classic children's book and accompanying hands-on interactive activities. harper was in heaven, running {not so quietly} from room to room reaching for anything within her short, yet oh so aggressive, reach.

***every few seconds, this alice in wonderland head would scale up and down the wall, her neck folding like an accordion. it would be an understatement to say harper was terribly terrified. yet she was also so intrigued that she couldn't help but stand frozen, staring from a distance.***

1 comment:

  1. Reason 312 why i wish i lived in NYC!!


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