November 19, 2013

a festive date night.

once friday rolled around, todd and i were both begging for a date night. between his meetings and mine that week, we had seen each other a whole .5 seconds. and i don't know about you, but with the little and our busy schedules, i just needed to clear my head and have fun! so friday night we thought we'd get into the holiday spirit and go ice skating. now for a little disclaimer: i do not like ice skating. the whole skating in a circle for hours on wobbly shoes thing just doesn't do it for me. but you know what? it was awesome! it was festive and fun and just really rejuvenating. plus we squeezed in a little crepe action, so that does good things for my spirit too! :)

i have found that escaping for a little bit with todd and no harper in-sight is doing lovely things for our marriage. it takes me back to those days when we first started dating 7 years ago, so silly and young. these years are even better, but it is nice focusing on just him without little arms and legs running around us.

i love you, pop! thanks for the date.

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