November 3, 2013


at the rate in which i'm consuming harper's halloween candy, i figure it's only fair that i take a minute to talk about our halloween before the skittles and milky way disappear. during the early afternoon, before the parade of sugar-high kids rush the streets, we walked down west 69th street to enjoy the decorated brownstones. we saw big spiders, wicked witches, overly-creepy ghouls and a whole lotta' pumpkins. i love how they get into the spirit up there.

after our stroll, we met papa downtown and began halloween part II. every year in tribeca, the stores open their doors and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. it was our first time celebrating in tribeca and it was a blast! harps totally got into the spirit saying twick-o-tweat to every door she passed, whether they were handing out candy or not. bam! halloween success.

***this brownstone wins the award for most creepy. i think it was the body parts chained to the fence that really did it for me.***

***i never would have guessed that kings pharmacy would have been harper's first place to trick-or-treat #citykid***

***eyes on the prize***

***we're super lame and didn't dress up this year. we planned to dress as pirates to accompany our parrot, but i looked more like a gypsy than pirate in my stripes and head scarf.***

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  1. Harper makes for the most darling parrot. And you and Todd make for the most darling parents!


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