December 9, 2013

he's making a list, checking it twice.

last week, i took harper to see santa at westfield shopping centre. we went last year for her first christmas, and it was fun going back for her second. i think this will be a nice little tradition we make while we're here.

all week long i worked hard at familiarizing harper with old saint nick. we looked at pictures, wore his hat around the house, and perfected our ho ho ho's {proof here!}. we were ready! we met all of our friends at santa's grotto and walked inside to meet santa's elves. they were so nice as they met and took photos of all the children. from there, they led us into a cozy theatre room where we got to watch a 3D film about santa's elves getting christmas gifts ready christmas. to our surprise, each of the gifts in the movie incorporated photos of the children in the room. the kids went wild as their photos flashed across the screen! it was darling watching harper enjoy her first 3d film with those large, awkward glasses perched atop her nose. {dare i take her to the real movies yet!? hmmmm}

after the film, it was santa time! harper was giddy as we walked through the halls to his room. she could sense he was near. but i tell you what, right as his door opened and our group entered the room, the tension and fear of ALL the children was palpable. each of the children clung to their mum or dad, harper included. she was terrified! very curious, but terrified. i tried my best to smile and laugh and practice our ho ho ho's again, but no such luck. seriously, she clung to me like a little monkey. the only time she dared get close was reaching out for her gift. oh heavens… i've got some work to do with this girl! but at least we have some good memories, right?


  1. That last picture is hilarious! I think Harper looks like a little elf herself <3

    1. She looks like one and is as mischievous as one too! :)


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