January 16, 2014

eskimo chic.

greetings from what feels like the antarctic! nobody check me on that as i'm pretty sure it was in the forties today, but you know what? that walk to and from the gym each morning is windy, typically rainy, and just long enough to freeze our bippies off. and lately i've been trying out this whole sans-pram thing. i always have such high expectations when we leave but then the curiosity in my toddler comes out and she explores every nook and cranny of the block. she also has a fascination with stairs and will literally jump off every . single . stoop in sight. oh...i love two year olds. but seriously, it really the best age ever!

so far, our week has been fun and full. harper started swim lessons on monday. her first ones! she was so excited to get in the water with the other kids. and for the first 5 minutes she could hardly stay still long enough to listen to the instructor as she squealed and kicked her arms and legs in excitement. harper is definitely the youngest in her class by at least 6 months, but i'm not too worried. that girl and her love for water! this week we also got the itch to start traveling again. having spent time with family, we quickly remembered our priorities while living abroad, so we booked a trip to prague. we leave in a couple weeks and have only heard good things. if you've been, i would love to hear your must-sees and eats!

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  1. I don't know what a bippie is but it's been pretty cold here, too! And I'm so glad you'll be traveling again because I live my travel life vicariously through you. I think the Joneses need some travel in 2014!


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