January 12, 2014

midway ice castles.

a few years ago, i saw a photo of the midway ice castles and thought it was the most majestic thing i had ever seen! they were ginormous ice formations of caverns, archways, and mazes, each shimmering in the light of the sun. i knew i had to go. one night, after all the wedding festivities were over, we left the kids with a sitter and drove up to midway. y'all, i felt like a kid lost in a candy shop. my brother and i were literally running from formation to formation squealing about how the next castle was somehow even more amazing than the one previous. haha. we're ridiculous. and it was fun.

the castles are all built by hand, using harvested icicles as stakes and sludge as glue. then they are either sprayed with water over consecutive days or left to fountain over with water to create the castles you see. at night, the formations are all backlit by bright colorful lights hidden in the ice. if you are even somewhat close to midway, i urge you to go, day or night. they are both awesome. and if you go, please take better pics than i did. because these did not do them justice. :)

***my favorite formation. doesn't it look like angry thundering clouds? ***


  1. Where's the one with the ice dagger?? Such fun times!

    1. Hahaha! It's not suitable for young children.


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