May 21, 2014

kicking it under the arizona sun.

here are a few more photos of our wedding week in arizona. dang, i miss that sun!
***harper was one lucky girl getting loved on by grandparents all week. ***

***okay so get this. on our way to nordstrom last chance(!!) harper fell asleep in the car, stayed asleep as i put her in the cart and throughout the store, and then was STILL asleep as i put her back in the car and drove home. that's what we call a shopping miracle***

***after all the wedding festivities ended, the girls spent the day relaxing {read: burning} by the pool***


  1. I love Chuck and Joans backyard. They are always so nice to let us come swim when we visit Arizona. Harper is darling and that is really a miracle shopping trip. I remember the days of going to last chance and pushing my way through the people!!! Good times :)

  2. What darling pictures!! I miss Chuck and Joan!!

  3. Her legs are so long! Baby girl is growing up!


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