June 17, 2014

radio silence no more.

hey there! so here's the thing. there's no excuse for this radio silence. but ever since warmth has graced us with her presence, i can't seem to find time to sit down and write. and heaven knows that whenever we are finally inside, it's nap time. and that goes for both of us. and then we're back to scooter riding and whatever else we do.

but i need to be better. and with all this vitamin d, we're getting some pretty darn cute pictures that need to be documented. you know what i'm saying? so, here's to being better. summer and all. 

btw. we just got back from a week in spain. whoa. spain is the new italy. can i just say that? it doesn't get near as much attention as it should. that country is something else. anyways, i'll be back soon to post about it. parts I, II, and probably a III if you're lucky :)

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