July 30, 2014


for the last few days we have been exploring cornwall, the most enchanting coastal town in england! todd and i always say how we're going to leave england without actually exploring england, so we were excited for this getaway! the entire city {and it's a surprisingly big one!} is covered in either farmland or beaches. talk about some good living.

every time we hopped into the car harper was on the lookout for cows. ohhh i want to kiss them!… she'd exclaim. when we found some close enough to the road, we got out to help get it out of her system. minus the whole kissing part… :)

***the #1 coolest beach todd and i have ever been to. i may exaggerate a lot but THIS is not an exaggeration. kynance cove is where it's at. ***

***there are tons of deep, dark caves hidden in the steep rocks. we ended up going back to my purse so we could use the flashlight on my phone to go exploring. harper was such a brave girl following her daddy deep into those caves. how are kids so fearless?***

***….and her happy dance when she got out.***

***on a hunt for crabs in the mini tide pools***

***and this view. i mean really…***

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