July 17, 2014

feeling happy, feeling good.

hello friends! i have been so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and congratulations we have received since our official announcement. you are all so great. thank you! i feel like it was just what i needed to help this pregnancy feel "real". ya know what i mean? since i can't quite feel the kicks yet. although i think i felt one a couple days ago. or was that gas?… the jury is still out.

i'm 16 weeks and couple days. that makes it 4 official months. which means i'm allllmost half-way done. a stretch. but close. i'll take it. and overall this pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly. there was about a month within the first trimester that was a bit touch a go for me, as sickness would wake me up and kindly put be back to rest. here is a typical conversation with my sweet, loving hubs during that time. 

him: how you feeling, sweetie? anything i can get you?
me: todd! just assume at every point of every day i am sick. when i do feel better, trust me that you will be the first to know. 

yeah… not a high point in the pregnancy. 

i didn't get sick with harper. can we assume this means it's a boy?

but after that bitter month, i've been really really good. happy. growing. and excited!



  1. congratulations, casey and family!

    1. Thanks, Alexa!! it's going to be a great close to our year


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