July 1, 2014

tour de spain: granada.

after barcelona, we flew into sevilla, rented a car at the airport, and straightaway drove a few hours to granada. so here we are…granada. another beautiful spanish town, all centered around the alhambra. a gorgeous palace and fortress on the hill. what is the alhambra? well let me tell you. it was originally constructed in 889 by a moorish king and throughout the years was ruled (and added on to) by islamic and christian rulers. so the architecture is impeccable, a bit disjointed due to the different influences, but nonetheless amazing! it's such a site to see that even trying to book a day tour a WEEK in advance proved unsuccessful. the only time available was 10 pm. so we booked it. no prams were allowed in, so harper enjoyed a little evening stroll with us. she loved finding the moon through all the windows of the palace…it's a big palace…with a lot of windows!
***one of the best sites to view the alhambra was this hill at the top of the city. the only way to get there was to bob and weave up through tiny cobblestoned streets to reach the top. luckily, gelato awaited us at the top. oh, and the view. obvi. added bonus: this spanish guitarist who serenaded us as we ate our gelato and sipped on our fanta. this is what dreams are made of, folks***

***she pretty much re-steals my heart every day***

***harper: "look mummy. ta-daaaaa!"***

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