July 3, 2014

tour de spain: nerja & sevilla.

i am sad to be ending my little tour de spain. but luckily we're ending on such a good note: nerja and sevilla. nerja is a southern coastal beach town. covered in white sand, hidden coves, and bright purple bougainvilleas. harper was happy to be back at the beach exploring, making sandcastles {and stomping on other children's!}, and staying out late with mummy and daddy—like a true spaniard. 

after nerja, we drove to sevilla for a few days and ended our spain travels there. a darn good way to go out. we topped up on tapas at bodega dos de mayo—the best tapas evaaaa'—and explored the city by bikes…again. our bums were awfully sore by the end of the week. but a great week it was!

***a little beach house carved into rock. where do i sign up!?***

***my handsome gringo***

***such an unreal view as we headed down to the beach for dinner***

***meet my 15 year-old daughter***

***bougainvilleas. ah!***

***welcome to sevilla!***

***our days in sevilla were centered around visiting the horses. okay, not centered, but after visiting the horses 5 times a day it sure started to seem like it***

***tapas y tapas y mas tapas!***

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