July 22, 2014

weekend in paris.

i hope you don't mind while i indulge in a few photos from our trip to paris a few weekends ago. todd's parents were in town, and paris is so close that we had to take them. just had to. ;)

i've been there a few times in the last year and i tell you what, that city never gets old. there is so much to see and do. and the charm is unlike any other city. and it happens to be extra charming when there a extra hands helping watch our busy 2 year old so we can snag a kiss or two uninterrupted. it is the city of love after all. 
***our first time into the louvre, and it was not a disappointment. i don't know what i was expecting, but it far exceeded those expectations. it is THE louvre after all. duh, casey.***

***the hoards around the tiny mona lisa were unreal. ha! it makes me chuckle just thinking about it now***

***this is the smile of a well-rested girl who napped the whole time at the museum. score!***

***our first two days were awfully drizzly and wet. why did i pack leather flats again? despite that, it was still enjoyable. and who doesn't love a little girl in an oversized rain poncho?***

***and now for an obligatory photo of pastries from angelina's. oh so pretty and ohhh so delicious.***

***harper rode on some of the most beautiful carousels i've ever seen. two-levels with such gorgeous details. her life is a fairy tale and she doesn't even realize it.***

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