August 28, 2014

august was good to us...

***this view gets me every time. i wish harper could remember this part of her life. until she does, i will continue taking loads of photos. and even then…***

***when the weather was near perfect, we met daddy for a picnic after work in green park. these two went off on a little adventure and came back with some fairy wands***

***i love that summer is the season for fairs! and so does harper… the perfect post-nap activity***

***learning the alphabet one station at a time. P for papa. C for kitty cat. A for apple. D for daddy. yeah, we're still working on that kitty cat... :)***

***after my first visit to battersea zoo, i quickly adjusted my expectations. note: it is hardly a zoo. but once we figured that out, it has become a new favorite morning spot.***

***every day after the gym, we stop at the playground to get out those last wiggles before nap time. this week she insisted i follow her down the slide. my bump wasn't loving the climb but those smiles coming from harps made it all worth it***

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  1. love reading about & seeing your life in london, it sounds so fun! & your family is adorable. love your blog


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