October 12, 2014

the texas state fair.

you can't visit texas in october without experiencing the texas state fair. it's a rule. and a good one. the moment we walked through the gates we were hit with scent of fried {fill-in-the-blank}. we started with some famous fletcher's corn dogs and went down the line from there. :) we chased it with a fruit smoothie and finished with cotton candy for dessert. it was, like, a really good day. 

***the don't-mess-with-texas nachos***

***a week leading up to the fair, harper pointed out every big tex billboard she saw. there were a lot. to say she was happy to see big tex in person is an understatement...*** 

***texas looks good on this man. just saying'***


  1. This is so fun and makes me miss Texas oh so very much!!! Harper and that cotton candy!

  2. It looks like so much fun and makes me miss the carefree (and warm) days of summer.


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