December 23, 2014

39 weeks!

i can't believe i {hopefully} have one week left before baby brother is with our little family. but then again as i attempt to roll out of bed—and have to ask todd for an assisted push—i can't imagine have baby brother in me one more day! pregnancy is such a lovely, beauty, silly, annoying, crazy, miraculous thing, isn't it?

i am so dang lucky to be trusted by my heavenly father with one gorgeous baby, let alone another on the way. motherhood is such a beautiful thing. and especially at this christmas time, i am so aware of it. i love being a mom. it is crazy challenging and my patience is tested every hour {every 10 minutes?}, but i love it. i love it. i love it.

here's to a beautiful christmas season with another blessing on the way!


  1. It is a challenging time of year to be ready to give birth - we have a son born Dec. 23 and another Jan. 2 - it makes the holidays even happier and more hectic. Best of luck :)

  2. yay yay yay!! i can't wait to meet him and to live in the same city as you and your sweet family!!


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