February 7, 2012

one week to go.

if all goes as planned, i'm officially one week away. 
and for the first time in 39 weeks, i'm feeling pretty darn nervous. 
not so much about the labor itself but just about, well, everything else.
 i am more than thrilled to meet this little girl and touch her tiny fingers and toes 
{and hopefully chubby cheeks}, 
but i just can't believe it's all happening...and at any time. 
reality has hit!

i'll keep you posted, but for now i'm off to take a nap and savor my last few moments of alone time.


  1. Love this pic!!! Im so excited for Harper!!

  2. Crazy!! I started to get kind of nervous imagining myself in your same situation. But it's also SOOO exciting!!! I am so happy for you guys. Your little girl is going to be such a joy in your life!

  3. This picture is amazing! So excited for you. Good luck in the last few uncomfortable days!

  4. U look so great. Love the pic. Digging the all black. This week will fly. Love ya!

  5. You are a rock star case. Keep me posted! xoxo


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