April 25, 2009

dang this sure feels good.

Today was quite the exciting day.


No more testing center, brimhall, ad lab, or teachers... Wow, I can't believe it! Todd and I got all spiffied up in our caps and gowns and strutted across that stage like nobody's business. It was great having all family and friends there to support us. Thank you all for the long drives, flights, and love you've all given us.

Now we're ready to rock it in the real world!


  1. Graduation! Whoo! NY is going to be sweet! Bring your whistle, cause we gonna do it while we work.

  2. so exciting! i'm so sad we had to miss this day. congrats to everyone! those pictures are so cute. and thanks for saving us by including a few boxes on your truck. you guys are the best!


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