April 24, 2009

it's play time.

A few nights ago my family arrived in town from Dallas
for mine, hubs, and Ry's graduation. 

It has been absolutely lovely being with them these past 
few days and I love them. Crazy about them actually!! 
As I type, my little sis is passed out on my couch 
and I miss the days when we would crawl in to each other's beds. 

Knowing that Todd and I are leaving for NYC in 4 days excites me 
but also kills me knowing I won't be able to see them as often. 

But for now, we'll love, laugh and enjoy each other.
*As hard as that me be sometimes :) * 

*Chase isn't in the photo, but I'll post some later. 
He leaves for his LDS mission to Oaxaca, Mexico 
in a few months, and I'll miss my lil' whitie so much!

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